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Live The Music

"Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination
and life to everything" - Plato

A New Streaming Experience Designed for DJs

The Connected DJ is NOW

Connect to Listeners Anywhere or Anytime

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Embrace Your Passion

If you have a passion for music, you don't stop doing it - it chooses you and doesn't release you.

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Connect to listeners who enjoy your music. Skrachy's "Virtual DJ" feature let's you do gigs right from your home.

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Build a Business

Skrachy let's you Embrace Your Passion, Connect with Your Listeners, and Build Your Business.


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Get Heard

  • Increase your exposure as your skills can be heard by thousands of Skrachy App End-Users.
  • Your followers grow as you get more listeners to check you out on the Skrachy App.
  • Get ratings as Skrachy App End-Users rate your Gigs and Sessions.
Amazing Features 2

Get Booked

  • Skrachy App End-Users will be able to book you for DJ Gigs easily using the built-in calendar in the Skrachy App.
  • Scheduling and Payments are all handled through the Skrachy End User App.
  • The Campaign Feature lets you promote your talent, services, and brand on popular social media platforms.
Amazing Features 3

Get Paid

  • Get Paid for in-person Gigs or Virtual Gigs using the Skrachy Virtual DJ Console Feature.
  • With the Virtual DJ Console, you can live stream gigs remotely to multiple locations and end-users and charge for remote DJ services.
  • Built-in e-commerce platform processes payments from customers within the Skrachy DJ Portal.

How it Works

Skrachy DJ Portal(DJ Controls Stream from DJ Portal )

DJ Directory

DJs Create their Profile using the Skrachy DJ Portal and in appears in the Skrachy App to thousands of listeners.


DJs can create and promote Services such as In Person Bookings, Live Streaming Event Booking, and Live On-Demand Streaming Events from the Skrachy DJ Portal.


DJs can create events in the Skrachy DJ Portal Profile, and listener can access your event from the Skrachy Mobile App.

Skrachy Mobile App(Listeners access DJ Stream from the Skrachy App)

DJ Directory

Listeners have access to all Skrachy DJs from the DJ Directory within the Skrachy App.


Listeners can Book DJ for Services such as InPerson Event and Virtual Live Streaming Events from the Skrachy Mobile App.


Listeners can access Booked Events or Virtual Live Streaming Events from thousands of DJs from the Skrachy Mobile App.



Active Users

Active Users



We offer two ways for DJs to check out the Skrachy Experience

1) Premium Plan

The Premium Plan offers the full Skrachy DJ Portal experience including; Booking Services, Streaming Services, Billing Services, Advertising Engine, and DJ Storefront in the Skrachy App.

Just select the START FREE TRIAL button

2) Test Drive Plan

Not sure yet if you want to sign up for the full Premium Plan? Test Drive the Skrachy DJ Portal for FREE with no financial obligation or commitment through the always FREE Test Drive Plan

Just select the START TEST DRIVE button to enter

Test Drive Plan


  • Unlimited Bookings
  • Facebook Plug In
  • Twittter Plug In
  • Virtual DJ Console
  • Campaigns
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Premium Plan

$ 39.99 19.99 per month

  • Unlimited Bookings
  • Facebook Plug-In
  • Twitter Plug-in
  • Payment Processing
  • Virtual DJ Console
  • Campaigns
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